Have fun. You and Sara should have lots of fun. This is a very intimate moment so do not rush things. Take your time getting to know each other and you will realize that it was all worth it.
– Be sure about your boundaries. This is a special moment. Do not let things outside of those boundaries. It is not okay to cross the lines or to force your ideas on someone else. If you are uncertain about anything, then talk to your friends and seek their opinions.
– Talk about your feelings. You both need to talk about your feelings. This will help to eliminate any misunderstandings. Do not be afraid to tell Sara how you feel.
– Agree to meet in person at a specific place. You must both agree to meet at a certain place. Sara should understand that her time is valuable to you need her to be able to enjoy the special moment. She cannot expect you to come to her rescue five minutes before the event. If you are meeting in a public place, you both should agree to go in separately.
– Escort your partner to the location. Once you find a good spot, you can start the preparations. Sara should bring her cell phone, a make-up kit, her perfume, a compact mirror, her fake eyelashes and her keys. Sara should dress sensuously for the occasion. She should also let her hair down and enjoy the moment.
– Arrive at the venue at the same time. When you arrive, you should stand beside Sara. You can hold each other’s hands as you walk if there are no designated routes. If you know the address of the venue, hand them to the person waiting on you. If there are other people waiting, ask them to identify themselves. You may also want to hand the venue’s number to the person with you if you do not know their name.
When you are ready to bid on escorts, you can leave the area with your companion. You can both wave at the people coming towards you. You can both give your names and you should make eye contact with them. Make your request for a price and let them bid for you. When the seller gets to his or her senses, you can turn around and leave together.
There is no need for you to talk to any of the escorts directly. This is because most escorts will know each other and you would not be able to bargain with them. Instead, it would be best if you introduce yourself and tell them that you are here to help them find their boyfriend or girlfriend. This would put their minds at ease and they would be more open to answering your questions.
Before leaving, you should inform Sara that you would like to meet her so you could possibly get to know her better. If she does not know anyone, she would automatically block you. But since you have introduced yourself, there is no need for this. She would probably ask you what you want.
After getting a few names and addresses, you can then start communicating with the escorts you have chosen. Tell them how long you have been in the business and if you are really interested in helping them find their perfect mate. You would probably be asked to meet the man or couple you have been referred to. The escorts should be very cordial towards you since they know that you are just trying to help them find something.
Sara should do the same toward you. You should give them your number and tell them you would like to place an ad in the paper or on the Internet. This way you can be sure that anyone who responds to that ad would be the right one for the escorts. Escort services do not normally advertise their services in public. They would rather deal this kind of sensitive information only to trusted friends and family. You should take this into consideration before deciding whom you would hire.