Mohi Vyas

For the average guy, dating is like trying to win the lottery. It’s a hit or miss thing. You either get a girl that you think is beautiful and hot, or you get stuck with some fat dude who doesn’t pay his ladies. But for some guys, dating is like having a divine connection to a supermodel. It feels amazing to them. So what is it about these gorgeous women that make some guys go wow so hard?

First off, when you date these girls, it is totally and utterly uncalled for. There is nothing wrong with calling girls up and telling them your intentions to see them. The thing is, you should not do it over. It gets annoying for sure.

There are some very basic things that girls want. These aren’t just superficial characteristics. They are aspects of the girls personality that really matter when it comes to dating and seduction. Girls want to be flirty, happy, and have a great sense of humor. They want to have fun. All of these facets are present in girls but they don’t always come out in the same order.

First off, some girls just want a good time from you. Most guys go to great lengths to be around girls who are fun and interesting to them. This is why the average guy can sometimes have a hard time at first meeting the kind of girls he wants to date. If you aren’t naturally funny, happy, or interesting to girls, then there is a way to find them. By reading tips and guides on how to attract girls, you can bypass any awkward situations and get straight into the heart of the matter.

Secondly, these girls are attracted to guys who are attractive. In general, girls take the physical appearance of guys into consideration. It’s a lot simpler than most guys think. The more you know about what a girl finds attractive, the easier it becomes to use that information when you try to figure out what she might want to do to you. There is no way to directly approach this aspect of girls.

Thirdly, most girls only go out with guys who are good looking. It isn’t uncommon for a pretty girl to go out with a guy who has a bad look, a foul temper, and a dirty mouth. Not only does that not bode well for the future of the relationship, but these types of girls are rarely the kind of girls that end up dating and marrying. That’s because the kinds of guys who are attracted to them will already be taken. As a result, it makes sense to pick up on signs that a girl might be attracted to you.

Fourthly, you should spend more time on yourself. Far too many guys just want to go out and party all night. This might get them laid, but it’s certainly not the way to build a lasting relationship. You need to build trust, affection, and confidence before trying to strike up a conversation with any girl. She won’t talk to you unless she feels that you can fulfill her desires. So spend some time getting to know girls and what they like and dislike.

Fifthly, don’t assume that every girl you meet wants you. We see plenty of gorgeous girls, but we also see plenty of guys who talk to us and act like we’re their girlfriendes. Don’t fall into that trap. If she doesn’t say she likes you, take it as a sign that you have a better chance of getting her phone number and eventually inviting her out for a night on the town. If she does say she likes you, great, you’ve gone six steps further in understanding how to call girls.