Priya Soni Call Girls Chandrapur

Escorts in Chandrapur love to roam around in the small market of the old quarter of the city, they are quite friendly and the women look out for any opportunity to chat with them. On a Sunday evening you could be having your dinner when all of a sudden out walks a gorgeous redhead, dressed all in black and carrying her accessories like a tiara. She smiles at you and beckons you over. “Where do you goin’?” she asks.
“I don’t work… I study.” You say defensively. “I’m just playing the part of a sexy girl for entertainment purposes.” The girl giggles and starts laughing.
“You really should consider becoming a real live girl for a change!” says the girl, smiling. “You see, most of our escorts here are not really girls, they are just entertainers. But once you’ve spent some time with one, you start realizing that there is more to being a woman than you thought you had to give up.”
All kidding aside, I did feel really special because this girl was so beautiful. The first time I met her I just wanted to get close to her so I leaned in close to her, put my arm around her and said “Good evening, come on, come inside!” After a few laughs she said “My friends let me sleep in their beds!” I didn’t bother trying to push her buttons or anything, I just felt really good that she was going to make my night.
When we finally got into her house and she pointed to a spot near the railings outside her house. “Have a seat,” she beckoned. We took a seat and she asked if I could have a smoke. Sure I could, so I rolled a cigarette and sat on the edge of the bench where the fire was.
Just then, the girl who was playing the other woman came in and stood by the railings. “Oh hey,” I greeted her. “I’m sorry, the one I was supposed to see has gone.” She giggled and flashed a smile. “She said it was her friend.”
The woman laughed and said “No, no, it’s not your friend. This is my best friend. We’re going to have so much fun together tonight.” I wasn’t really expecting anything more from this girl but she opened up her beautiful, luscious lips and planted a huge kiss on my face!
“Don’t worry about anything else,” I told her as she leaned in to give me a gentle back massage. “I promise I’ll have a great time with you tonight.” As the girl settled into my lap, she suddenly pushed me against the wall and passionately stuck her tongue in my vagina. The sheer pleasure that surged through me was indescribable! I felt like my entire body was on fire as she lovingly explored every inch of me.
I moaned aloud as she continued to explore my vagina. Her hot, dark hair swayed in the breeze as she fondled my most sensitive parts. This girl was simply heavenly! As we talked, I discovered that she was an advocate of Tantra and used this ancient science to help her attain the greatest state of intimacy. Her passion for life spanned every inch of her being and I didn’t know how I would ever have been able to fathom the concept of love without her!
It was almost too perfect. I couldn’t imagine a person more suited to fulfill my every desire. Before I knew it, I was lying on the couch, kissing this girl good night and thanking the stars for letting me. The next morning, I found myself watching her as she struggled to remove my clothes and bathed in the warm water of the shower.
I had never seen this side of my partner before. She emitted an aura of adoration which was so intense that I felt like I was being drawn into her every movement. I felt as if the woman before me had turned into a replica of myself! I couldn’t contain my excitement as she reclined on the edge of the tub with her legs crossed.
I couldn’t wait to spend more time with her. And after we had our first encounter, I promised myself that I would never let go of my purity. Even when my own parents left me home to pursue their own desires, I refused to lose touch with my roots. Now it was my turn to be swept away by this girl. And I felt like I had really made a difference in the world.