Mahima Soni

When you think about it, the most erotic things about Call Girls Goa are the clubs. If you are wondering what I’m talking about here, this is what they say: “For the best and biggest nightlife in town, head straight to Goa’s hottest nightclubs. Goa’s nightlife is some of the best in town; in fact, it is the biggest.”

It’s funny how they put that part in bold letters. You see, this is actually true in every sense of the word. There are so many great clubs and amazing girls that there is no way to describe them all. Just see for yourself.

When it comes to clubs, though, the best place to go is Central Business District. This is because the girls here know that they will get lots of foot traffic through the weekends and evenings. The clubs themselves are gorgeous. Each one has its own unique design and flair. Some feature open air dance floors.

Others have massive windows looking out on the water and are completely overlooking the sparkling blue ocean. Some even have balconies. This allows you to look out and be part of the romance while you are on your way to meeting your date. The view alone is reason enough to go to Goa.

Once you have arrived in Goa, your first impulse will probably be to head straight to the bars. But do not fear. There are plenty of classy and beautiful discotheques spread all throughout the city.

In fact, there is a club in the city that is almost as elegant and luxurious as Goa itself. There is Club Quicksilver. Of course, you need not be a member to visit this club. But it is definitely worth a visit. You can ask one of the girls if she wants to go there. You will most likely be served very good Chinese food and excellent music.

Goa offers a large selection of hotels, pubs, restaurants and discos. If you’re really brave, try one of those hidden restaurants down those street. Although Goa is a busy city, the majority of the girls you will run into are in the high end restaurants. They know they will be waited on by pretty, exotic looking girls.

Once you leave Goa, you will be heading north for Java. It is a beautiful island nation that is often overlooked by tourists. If you like adventure, the northern part of Java is perfect for you. You will see the mountains, forests, beaches and ancient temples all within easy reach. There is also plenty to do on the beaches, including scuba diving and sailing.

Once you get back to Goa, head straight for a nice, quiet spot by the beach. This should be a nice retreat for you. Look out for anything that looks interesting, but stay away from clubs. It’s better to look for something secluded and private.

Once you have settled into your new home, you will be surprised how little things have changed. The same girls that you saw at the club will be waiting for you. They won’t mind waiting for you as long as you offer to pay them a bit more than the local girls. The rates are usually fair. So just find yourself a pretty girl, a tall one or a thin one, and offer to pay her more than any of the other girls do.

Once you have settled into your new life in Goa, it is time to take the plunge and venture out into the world. Pick up a new hobby or a new activity and join a club. Join a trekking group, go dancing with friends or sign up for yoga classes. Try out the local spa and avail yourself of their services. There’s no reason for you not to enjoy yourself and find yourself more beautiful than you were when you left home.

Don’t expect the perfect night ever again. Just because the girls in Goa are cheap and easy to impress doesn’t mean you should let your guard down completely. Even if you have been pick up on before, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be the same once you’re in their presence. You can only have a perfect date if you’re comfortable enough around each other to let your true emotions come out. If you aren’t, then you should keep moving on.