Nikita Gupta

Do you want to know how to pick up beautiful women? There are many guys out there who are in this same situation. Are you looking to find a way to increase your chances of being able to have hotter women chasing after you? Are you ready for some valuable tips to help you get the best results?
First of all, you will want to learn how to be more attractive to girls. This means that you should be more confident and know what you are doing. This will also mean that you should pay attention to the little things that a girl is saying and doing.
Are you saying and doing things that a girl said and did not like? This is one of the biggest clues as to whether or not she is attracted to you. Do you notice that girls get irritated very easily by small things? They get annoyed because something is off. They do not like the way you are handling yourself, or the way you are talking.
Now that you know that girls do not like it when they feel you are trying too hard to impress them, you should start looking a bit differently. Are you dressed well for your appearance, or are you dressed in slacks and a t-shirt? When you dress well, it shows that you are a gentleman and that you take care of yourself. When you dress slacks and a t-shirt, it tells that you are a loose, and you are a person who do not take care of yourself.
When you approach a woman, do not just sit there staring at her. Instead, look into her eyes while talking to her. Women love it when a man has an eye towards the woman he is speaking with. If you do not pay attention to her, then she is going to feel that you do not respect her and you do not care about her.
Do not be afraid to make eye contact with the girls you are talking to. If you can do this, then you are showing that you have a firm interest in her. You should look her right in the eye when you speak to her and give her a smile. This shows that you are interested in what she has to say and that you really like her. If you do not do these things, then she will feel that you are only there for her body.
In order to pick up women, you should always use compliments in order to build rapport. Women love it when they hear a compliment offered by a man. However, do not overdo it. Compliments should be sincere and light hearted. Too many compliments and you might sound like an overbearing, and women will see right through you.
The most important thing that you should remember is that women do not like it when you are calling them all the time. They are probably very tired already and the last thing they need is another guy rambling on about himself. You may want to cut down on your calls because once you do, she will notice that you are not the same guy who came into the conversation that she was expecting. If you are calling her every five minutes, or at least every fifteen minutes, then she will get bored with you quickly.
You also want to look your best when you are calling. Most women want to be noticed for who they really are, not for what they look like or how much they spend on fashion. Do not let yourself pass up because you have on sweatpants and sneakers. Make sure that you get enough exercise, that you are eating healthy, and that you are keeping yourself in top physical condition. If you are constantly sick, then you will not come across as genuine.
One of the first things that women notice about you is how well you take care of yourself. If you never take care of your body, and you look like you are dragging around, then she is going to notice this. You do not want to look like you are giving up on yourself, because women absolutely love men who take care of themselves. Once she notices that you are taking care of yourself, then she will start to notice other good characteristics about you, too.
Being successful at picking up women calls for you to be able to be self-confident. You need to be able to walk into any situation, with your head held high, and show people that you can attract them. If you are constantly worried about your looks or your wallet, then you will be less confident and attract fewer women.