Julli Mehra

Serena was a nineteen year old call girl from Pokhara. She had been making regular calls to her “sister”, an older woman in her employ. One night, Serena made an unscheduled trip to her “sister’s” apartment. When she arrived there, she found the place to be in total disarray, with clutter everywhere and Serena herself practically tripping over a dozen times on the floor.

The “sister” was busy doing something on her laptop and didn’t pay attention to anyone as she straightened up on the couch and studied the floor. As Serena approached, she saw her “sister” standing beside the door, chatting with a guy. She shouted at her, “Serena! I’ve been looking for you!”

Serena jumped off the couch and into the hallway, past the guys. She slammed the door behind her and immediately started yelling at the guy, saying he was rude and that she would report him to the boss. The guy instantly turned around and looked at her, his jaw set. He said, “Oh, sorry.”

After being ignored by him, she turned around again only to be shut down once again. She stomped her foot loudly and left. Serena heaved a sigh of relief and turned to her friend who was busy enjoying her own coffee and listening to the conversation between her new date. “Do you know how to pick up call girls?”

The other woman was staring at her in silent shock. “How did you know about this?” she asked. Serena explained that she worked for a very popular company and used to go out with clients to see them and chat with them. The other woman seemed to understand immediately and raised her eyebrows.

“Do you want to work for this company?” asked Serena. The woman laughed. “You can’t even talk to a customer like that! Come on!”

Serena just laughed and shook her head. “No one would laugh at me for talking to customers like that. Plus, I am now single and able to do whatever I want with my life!” she continued as she opened her hand and showed her ID.

One thing led to another and before long, they were all laughing and enjoying themselves. Serena waved her hand and gestured for the group to come over. One of the girls came over. She introduced herself and asked if they wanted to be her friends. Of course, everyone shouted yes!

That was the day that they became great friends. They all chatted with each other and soon, they started going out together. Since they are very open about their feelings, no one ever felt left out. It didn’t take long for them to become BFFs!

By the end of the date, they all had a great time and things were so much fun that they decided to go out again the next night. And the next night, things only got better! They talked more, took more pictures, and then the four of them went for a dinner cruise.

Serena and the other two girls spent the whole evening talking about their first date and the other girl’s experience. They also talked about their future and what they were planning to do. All of them ended up telling stories about the BFFs that they know and love.

The night wound down and Serena and the other two went to sleep. When they woke up, they discovered that they had the same bed as Anna! They immediately asked for their beds and breakfast. Right now, they have formed a real friendship and enjoy spending time together each day.

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