Muskan Verma

Seminyak was one of the early beach destinations in the world. The local population is ethnically Chinese, which made the local girls, one of the friendliest on earth. When the Japanese soldiers came to settle in Nepal, they brought with them their native girls, who became known as “Singed Ones” and were treated with extreme care. In most cities around Nepal, you can still find a number of these soned girls living amongst the general population, and they are usually quite friendly and fun-loving.

Many of these girls have migrated to developed areas of Nepal like Pokhara and Brisbane, which is where I first ran into them. Not many people know about them. They reside primarily in Pokhara and surrounding areas. There are many agencies that specialize in finding these girls, but I think most of them prefer to find true love the old fashioned way, through the traditional courtship process.

I went searching for years without any luck. Many agencies tried to sell me on the fantasy that I would be able to land the perfect Asian beauty. Eventually, I decided to give up hope. It wasn’t because I didn’t find anyone, but I had found myself falling into the hands of too many unscrupulous creeps.

This is what finally tipped the scales in my direction. After years of trying to find girls, it just didn’t work any more. So I did some research on the internet. The results were overwhelming.

First thing I noticed when looking for Asian beauties in Pokhara was that they were all professional and extremely attractive. The women were all very smart and attractive. Most were university educated, although there were a few from middle class families. Most of them lived in high end apartments in the city.

I also noticed that they all seemed very clean. No pimples or yellow spots on their skin. Their hair was always properly styled and they all appeared to have a good work ethic. All of these traits are a lot different than your run-of-the-mill chicks you see everywhere.

The next thing I looked into was their interest in the Asian fashion scene. None of them were saying anything about being fans of the Japanese idol,groups or movies. The only thing they seemed interested in was wearing clothes. Yes, I checked out the length of their dresses, nothing too low. A decent size was worn by all of them.

Lastly, all of them were extremely friendly and polite. No one acted as if they were bored, none of them made inappropriate sexual innuendos or used foul language. They all had a very pleasant, relaxed attitude about them. There was no sign of them being insecure.

I suppose there is one thing they all have in common? All of them were gorgeous! Short legs, great bodies, small waists. Asian beauties. The youngest, shortest and filthiest of them all seemed to have an excuse to have a whip around. The more I looked at them the more I admired them.

After seeing all of them I still felt a little unsure about them. After all, who were they? How could I trust them with my money? But when I got the definite yes to all three questions I knew I had found the girls for me.

Sometime later I went back to the place I had visited the night before. What I found there was even more proof of their being girls who are not just looking for an easy way out but ladies who were in it for the long haul. The three girls, the youngest one in her early twenties, the second in her late twenties and the last in her late thirties all matched in beauty. Their skin color was a perfect match for their dress and hair style. The only feature that was a little different was the woman’s butt.

The look on the girl’s face as she accepted my offer of a ride home was priceless. It literally lighted up her face. No lie. She was so relieved I was asking her to drive that she said yes almost instantly.